140724 M!Countdown 10th Anniversary Special Concert
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Title: I Need You (Acoustic)
Artist: 성규 (SUNGKYU)
Played: 6316 times

140729 Acoustic Vers. of ‘I NEED YOU

if you sang with your face, jang donggun would be the best. or won bin hyung. isn’t that right?


14/07/27 Junhyung’s Instagram Update:

bigbadboii: 굿럭 처음부터 오늘언플콘까지 진짜 행복했습니다 콘서트에서 봅시다 사진은전혀상관없는 공연전 상태체크용 ㅋㅋ

trans: From the beginning of Good Luck to today’s Unplugged Concert  I was really happy. Let’s meet at the concert. Condition check for the concert with a photo that is totally irrelevantㅋㅋ

trans: jhs-a